About us

About us

Our Company is part of the holding that was founded in 2003 and is specialized in the chemical production for heat-power engineering, metallurgy, agriculture, petroleum production entities, as well as in surfactant manufacture. The holding includes the chemical manufacturing facility and the Research and Development Center for new product design and technologies assimilation.

At the competitive markets, the production growth level is specified with the accelerated rate of implementation of new scientific research results, technologies, adoption of new production processes. Following the current trends, our company continuously upgrades based on implementation of advanced materials and new business processes, anticipating consumer expectations. We steadily ensure the best quality-to-price ratio to secure the partner demand filling to the highest extent.

This web-site offers a series of surfactants manufactured under the Xellan® trademark. We are glad to introduce our innovation, Xellan®-Cleaner, along with typical and acknowledged surfactants like LABSA, SLES, etc. The product is derived from natural fatty acids; it is intended to produce liquid detergents and is promoted as the SLES substitute being as efficient as the SLES but priced cheaper. Also, in 2018 we have scheduled the start-up of SULFATE-FREE surfactants production like Alkyl (poly)Glycosides, Sulfosuccinates, Amphoacetates, etc. Low price is their key advantage.

We call attention of our customers to profit of our free Service Support offered by our R&D Center for the purpose of adaptation and implementation of our products in the process of customer's detergents production, as well as new formulations design.

We highly appreciate our regular customers for their choice and loyalty. We feel optimistic about the future and we strive to exceed Your expectations. We wish You every success in business, happiness and prosperity!



XELLAN® - CLEANER — is our new innovation. It is an inexpensive an efficient substitute of SLES. XELLAN® - CLEANER is a synergetic mixture of anionic surfactants (mainly derivatives of fatty acid). It has excellent wetting, emulsifying, foaming and washing properties.

XELLAN® - CLEANER is fully water soluble. It can be used in formulations of liquid and paste detergents, household goods and liquid soaps as an alternative instead of classic sodium lauryl ether sulfate (SLES). Usage of XELLAN® - CLEANER allows to receive more thicker detergent with less amount of electrolyte then by using SLES. Moreover XELLAN® - CLEANER in detergent formulations increases foam stability in comparison to formulations with SLES.

The distinctive feature of XELLAN® - CLEANER is its relative low cost, which allows producers of liquid detergents to form new economical formulations of liquid detergent compositions and to obtain the maximum economic effect. Using XELLAN® - CLEANER as the primary surfactant, consumers are able to exclude more expensive SLES from detergent formulations and achieve similar consumer properties of their compositions using the modifications of XELLAN® - CLEANER. It is equally effective in acidic and alkaline compositions. Due to its properties, XELLAN® - CLEANER can be used in compositions with a wide pH range in the manufacture of household chemicals, liquid and pasty dish, floors and surfaces cleaners, auto shampoos.

Analysis description Specification
grade Power grade Active grade
Appearance Homogeneous thick liquid
Active matter, % ≥ 80%
pH value (5% water solution at 20°С) ≥ 7.0

XELLAN®-NABS — is an anionic surfactant. It is a mixture of alkylbenzenesulfonic acids, received by the sulfonation of meticulously selected mixture of linear and branched alkylbenzenes. As a result XELLAN®-NABS exhibits a perfect foaming, washing and moisturising properties. XELLAN®-NABS is complete analog of LABSA. Its detergency effectiveness and foaming ability does not decrease with increasing of water hardness. The detergents made of XELLAN®-NABS do not produce the corrosion of metal surfaces.

XELLAN®-NABS can be used in cleaning products for home, institutional and industrial use, e.g. car wash liquids, laundry detergents, liquid dish detergents, hard surface cleaners, dry cleaning products, waterless hand cleaners, and industrial cleaners. XELLAN®-NABS also can be used in emulsion polymerisation (e.g., some agriculture products), as dye dispersants in the textile industry, in paint strippers, in some specialized personal care products, and for "bubble making" solutions in children's products.

XELLAN®-NABS is a raw material for synthesis of its triethanolamine, sodium, calcium and other salts. These compounds are well known surfactants, used for manufacturing of detergents all over the world.

Analysis description Specification
grade A grade M
Appearance Homogeneous light brown to dark brown liquid
Active matter ≥ 96% ≥ 96%
Free sulfuric acid < 2.0% < 1.5%
Unsulfonated matter < 2.0% < 2.0%



XELLAN®-LAURETH (SLES) — is an anionic surfactant. It is a product of sulphation of primary ethoxylated fatty alcohols.

XELLAN®-LAURETH is widely used in manufacture of domestic and industrial cleaning products, personal hygiene products and cosmetics (soaps, body lotions, creams, toothpaste etc), auto shampoos and pharmaceutical formulations. It has great foaming, emulsifying and detergency properties. XELLAN®-LAURETH is totally soluble even in hard water and maintains all its properties in this media. It has perfect thickening ability by electrolytes, which gives marketable state to detergent formulation.

Its chemical properties enable it to bind to dirt and grime particles, giving them ability to be washed away from the surface of the skin or hair. XELLAN®-LAURETH also can be used as emulsifier in polymerization processes, foaming agent in fire extinguishing equipment, moisturising agent and cleanser in textile industry.

XELLAN®-LAURETH is more efficient than natural soaps and less irritant to skin and eyes than sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS). Its safety has been reviewed by numerous industry experts and found to be safe for use in household goods, cosmetic, personal care products, also as detergent raw material.

Analysis description Specification
Appearance Homogeneous colorless to yellow paste
Active matter ≥70
pH value (5% water solution) 7.5–12.0
Inorganic sulfates content,% ≤ 2.5%
1,4 Dioxane content, ppm ≤ 15%



XELLAN®-DMA is a 30%-aqua solution of alkyldimethylamine oxide (as well as alkylamidopropylamine oxide). XELLAN®-DMA is a cationic surfactant in acidic media and non-ionic in neutral and alkaline media. The product is stable against alkalies, acids and oxidizers (hydrogen peroxide, sodium hypochlorite, etc.)

XELLAN®-DMA is a general-purpose surfactant. Its perfect foaming properties are used in dish washing liquids, shampoos, car-washing liquids and other detergents. Also, its high stability in aggressive medias makes it irreplaceable in disinfectant and bleaching agents, acid and alkaline concentrates.

Combining with sulfoethoxylates XELLAN®-DMA shows synergetic washing and foaming properties.

Analysis description Specification
Appearance Homogeneous colorless to yellow liquid
Density at 20°С, g/cm3 ≥ 0.900
Active matter, % 30 ± 2
pH value (5% water solution at 20°С) 6.0–8.0
Free amine content, % ≤ 0.5
Hydrogen peroxide content, % ≤ 0.2

Amine Oxide


XELLAN®-LAS (LAS, SDBS) is a water solution of sodium alkylbenzenesulphonate. It is an anionic surfactant with superior detergency and excellent foaming, moisturising and emulsifying properties and compatibility with a broad range of other anionic, nonionic and amphoteric surfactants.

XELLAN®-LAS is very stable in hard water as well as in slightly acidic and alkaline media. It can be well combined with other anionic and nonionic detergent bases. As the main content of high-class detergent and cleaner, XELLAN®-LAS can bleach, remove stains and oil and resist static electricity.

XELLAN®-LAS also can be used:

  • in oil and gas industry for increasing the reservoirs productive capacity and for regulation of drilling fluids viscosity;
  • in the textile industry - in the preparation and processing of fibers, in dyeing and in the processes of finishing fabrics;
  • in construction - in the manufacture of foam concrete and concrete with cellular structure;
  • in foundry industry as a binder in molding and core mixtures, as a flotation agent and as a binder for the briquetting of fine-grained raw materials;
  • in chemical industry as a anti-hydroscopic and anticacking additives for powdered chemical products.
Analysis description Specification
grade C40 grade C50 grade C60
Appearance Homogeneous white to light yellow paste
Active Matter, % 40 ± 2 50 ± 2 60 ± 2
pH value (5% water solution at 20°С) 7.5–10.5 7.5–10.5 7.5–10.5



XELLAN®-DEA — is a nonionic surfactant. It is a product of condensation reaction of vegetal fatty acids and diethanolamine. XELLAN®-DEA is a strong emulsifier. It is stable at acidic, neutral and slightly alkaline conditions.

XELLAN®-DEA can be used in cosmetics: shampoos and conditioners, lipsticks, hair dyes, shower gels, foams and oils for baths, liquid soaps formulations. In all cosmetic formulations XELLAN®-DEA is an additive to main component, generally anionic surfactant.

In shampoos and soaps XELLAN®-DEA enhances the effect of other cosmetic ingredients and shows good washing efficiency even in hard water. In conditioner formulations XELLAN®-DEA promotes hair care by giving them softness and removing static electricity. Addition of XELLAN®-DEA to detergents and cosmetics increases the viscosity of product and its foam stability. Moreover XELLAN®-DEA can be used as pH regulator. It can decrease the acidic properties of other components of cosmetic product or detergent.

Besides the cosmetic industry XELLAN®-DEA can be used as anticorrosive additive to cutting fluids in metal treatment and antistatic agent in plastic production

Analysis description Specification
Appearance Yellow viscous liquid
Active matter, % ≥ 84
pH value (1% water solution at 20°С) 8–11
Free amine content, % ≤ 5
Free fatty acids content, % ≤ 0.5



XELLAN®-BETAINE – is an amphoteric surfactant. This is a product of condensation reaction of dimethylaminopropylamine (DMAPA) and vegetal fatty acids.

The molecule of XELLAN®-BETAINE contains both positive charged functional group (quaternary nitrogen atom) and negative charged carboxylate group. It determines its different properties depending on pH value. At alkaline condition (pH above 8) XELLAN®-BETAINE exhibits properties of an anionic surfactant with good foaming and detergency. At acidic medium (pH below 6) XELLAN®-BETAINE is a cationic surfactant giving softness to hair and skin.

XELLAN®-BETAINE is used as a surfactant, foaming agent, thickener, emulsifier and conditioner. As a surfactant, it's mostly used in bath products because it gently cleanses the skin/hair by helping water to mix with oil and dirt so that they can be rinsed off. It emulsifies and thickens certain cosmetic formulations, reducing the potential irritation caused by other cleansing ingredients contained in the product. In addition, it produces a fatty layer on the hair that gets rid of static and provides emollient effect and manageability. Because of its well known foaming and moisturizing capabilities, and the fact that it is compatible with all types of surfactants (anionic, nonionic & cationic).

Analysis description Specification
Appearance Homogeneous liquid
Active matter, % 30 ± 2
pH value (1% water solution at 20°С) 4–7
Amidoamine content, % ≤ 0.5
Sodium chloride content, % ≤ 6



XELLAN®-IMA is a modified 1-hydroxyethyl-2-alkylimidazoline. It is water soluble, cationic surfactant.

XELLAN®-IMA can be used as a concentrate of adhesive type corrosion inhibitor for oil and gas industry. Such corrosion inhibitors are fixed on metal surface by electrostatic interaction and prevent the corrosion processes. Due to its thermal stability and good adhesive properties, XELLAN®-IMA provides effective corrosion protection for metal equipment. To obtain an effective corrosion inhibitor, customer should just dilute the XELLAN®-IMA with water or some other solvent (depending on the customer's wishes). XELLAN®-IMA also can be used in oil and gas industry as emulsifier and flocculant.

XELLAN®-IMA can be used:

  • as a softening and antistatic agent in textile industry;
  • as a dispersant for clays and dyes;
  • in formulations of rinse aid for automatic car washes;
  • as an additive to paving bitumen and paints for improving its adhesive properties;
  • as a component of disinfectant cleaning compositions;
  • as a reagent for rendering water-repellent of concrete and wood.
Analysis description Specification
grade A grade F
Appearance Homogeneous liquid
Density at 20°С ≥ 0.935 ≥ 0.975
Content of total nitrogen ≥ 2.25% ≥ 2.25%
XELLAN® - KW-1000
(HEDPA in powder)

XELLAN® – KW-1000 (HEDPA) is a 1-hydroxy ethylidene-1,1-diphosphonic acid, which is widely use as:

  • a chelating agent, scale inhibitor in water circulation cooling systems, closed heating and hot water systems;
  • an additive for scale removal in industrial facilities;
  • a scale inhibitor in oil industry;
  • a chelating agent in chemical and textile industry.
  • a chelating agent in process of cellulose bleaching in pulp and paper industry;
  • for water hardness control in household and industrial detergents;
  • a retardant in concrete in building industry.
Analysis description Specification
Appearance White powder
Active matter, % ≥ 98.0
рН (1% water solution at 20°С) ≤ 2.0




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